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🛠️ GFXInspire Technical Issue Reporting🛠️

Staff member
Jun 23, 2023
Dear GFXInspire Community,

If you're experiencing any technical difficulties while using GFXInspire, this is the place to let us know. Your reports are crucial in helping us identify and fix problems swiftly, ensuring a smooth experience for everyone. Please follow the guidelines below to report any technical issues.

How to Report a Technical Issue:​

  1. Describe the Issue: Clearly explain what the problem is. Include details such as what you were trying to do when the issue occurred, and any specific error messages you saw.
  2. Provide Steps to Replicate: If possible, provide a step-by-step guide on how to replicate the issue. This information is invaluable in diagnosing the problem.
  3. Include Screenshots or Videos: Visual aids can greatly help our understanding of the issue. If you can, include screenshots or short videos demonstrating the problem.
  4. Specify Your Device and Software:
    • Device Type: Are you using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone?
    • Operating System: Specify your OS (e.g., Windows 10, macOS Big Sur, Android 11).
    • Browser/App Version: If applicable, include the browser name and version, or the version of the GFXInspire app you're using.
  5. Additional Information: Any other details that you think might be relevant, like recent changes to your system or peculiarities in how the issue manifests.

Example Report:​

Subject: Difficulty Uploading Graphics to Portfolio
Description: Every time I try to upload graphics to my portfolio, the upload fails at 50% and shows an "Upload Error" message.
Steps to Replicate:
  1. Go to 'My Portfolio'.
  2. Click on 'Add New Graphic'.
  3. Select the graphic file and click 'Upload'.
Device and Software:
  • Device: MacBook Pro
  • OS: macOS Monterey
  • Browser: Safari Version 14.0
Screenshots/Videos: [Attached a screenshot of the error message]
Additional Information: This issue started occurring after the last site update. The file size is within the specified limits.

Important Notes:​

  • Do Not Share Personal Information: For your security, please do not include any personal or sensitive information in your reports.
  • Check Existing Reports: Before posting, browse through the thread to see if someone has already reported a similar issue.
  • Be Respectful and Patient: Our team works diligently to address all reported issues, but resolution times can vary. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
Thank you for helping us improve GFXInspire. Your input is invaluable to our community!

Warm regards,The GFXInspire Tech Support Team

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