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Free Unreal Engine - Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Pack v5

Free Unreal Engine - Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Pack v5 2024-05-28

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Discover the Free Unreal Engine - Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Pack v5 at GFXInspire. This comprehensive toolkit offers everything you need to create immersive RPG survival games, from advanced AI to versatile gameplay features.

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Unreal Engine - Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Pack v5 (UMSP) is the ultimate toolkit for game developers aiming to create immersive third and first-person multiplayer/single-player RPG survival games. Designed with modular blueprint-based systems, this pack simplifies the game development process and ensures you have all the tools needed to bring your vision to life.

Unleash Your Creativity with UMSP​

UMSP is crafted to cater to the diverse needs of game developers. It offers a robust foundation, saving you valuable time and effort with fully scripted and commented blueprints and seamlessly integrated multiplayer systems. This pack is trusted by hundreds of satisfied customers and is known for its comprehensive features and intuitive design.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile View Modes: UMSP supports both true first and third-person perspectives, giving players an immersive experience from any viewpoint.
  2. Advanced Ranged Humanoid AI: The modular AI system includes perception and teaming capabilities, creating intelligent and challenging opponents.
  3. Terrain Concealment: Use tall grass and foliage to hide from enemies, adding a strategic layer to gameplay.
  4. Inventory and Crafting System: Features advanced functionality with timing queues, quickslots, and an extension/backpack system for a seamless crafting experience.
  5. Building and Destruction: Enjoy extensive building privileges, furniture options, health destruction, and a repair system for dynamic game environments.
  6. Mission and Quest System: An advanced modular system allows for engaging and complex quests, enhancing gameplay depth.
  7. Player Customization: Customize player gender, dynamic crosshairs, and more within a unique low-poly modular environment.
  8. Combat Systems: Features a holstering system with animations, bows, spears, and dynamic arrow holsters for varied combat scenarios.
  9. Environment Interaction: Interact with the environment through harvesting, gardening, farming, and animated range and melee weapons.
  10. Multiplayer Features: Includes a Day & Night + Weather system, player lobby, and menu system to enhance the multiplayer experience.

Enhance Your Game Development​

UMSP is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular platforms like Steam, ensuring your game can reach a wide audience. Its modular nature allows for easy expansion and customization, letting developers add new features effortlessly.

AI and Enemy Elements​

UMSP includes an advanced damage system, AI and enemy camp systems, and player knockout and death mechanics, creating a realistic and engaging survival experience.

Water Dynamics and Biomes​

The pack features a fully interactable water system with swimming and diving capabilities, along with multiple biomes (summer, winter, desert) that affect player temperature and gameplay dynamics.

Technical Integration​

UMSP is rigged to the UE4 Mannequin and includes an advanced optimized minimap system and dynamic camera reactions, ensuring a smooth and immersive gameplay experience.

Preview Video:


The Free Unreal Engine - Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Pack v5 is a comprehensive solution for game developers looking to create engaging and versatile survival games. With its extensive features and easy-to-use design, UMSP offers everything you need to bring your game to life. Explore the full potential of your creativity and transform your game development process with UMSP, available now at GFXInspire.

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