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Free Aescripts – Light Equalizer for Premiere v1.0.2

Free Aescripts – Light Equalizer for Premiere v1.0.2 v1.0.2

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Revolutionize Video Editing with Aescripts Light Equalizer for Premiere v1.0.2​

Are you struggling with inconsistent lighting in your video projects? GFXInspire offers a groundbreaking solution: the Aescripts Light Equalizer for Premiere v1.0.2, available for both Windows and Mac. This innovative tool is designed to automatically analyze your video clips, ensuring optimal brightness and white balance. It seamlessly integrates the most effective Lumetri Effect keyframes for exposure, temperature, and tint adjustments, transforming your video editing process.

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Tackling Natural Light Challenges in Video Footage​

Natural light can be unpredictable and often varies during a shoot, leading to fluctuations in white balance and exposure. These inconsistencies can significantly impact the quality of your footage and are notoriously challenging to correct in post-production. However, with the Aescripts Light Equalizer for Premiere v1.0.2, available at GFXInspire, you can effortlessly overcome these obstacles. The extension meticulously analyzes your video, automatically setting the precise keyframes for temperature, exposure, and tint within the Lumetri Effect, thus compensating for changes in ambient light.
[Image Placeholder: Screenshot of the Aescripts Light Equalizer interface in Premiere]

What's New in Version 1.0.2?​

The latest update of the Aescripts Light Equalizer for Premiere v1.0.2 brings exciting enhancements, including:
  • Multilingual Support: Catering to a global audience, the extension now supports additional languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Why Choose GFXInspire for Your Video Editing Needs?​

At GFXInspire, we are committed to providing top-notch tools and resources for video editors. By choosing us, you gain access to the latest and most effective editing tools like the Aescripts Light Equalizer. Our user-friendly platform ensures a seamless experience, whether you're a professional editor or a
beginner in the field.
[Image Placeholder: User-friendly interface of GFXInspire website]

Streamline Your Editing Workflow​

The Aescripts Light Equalizer for Premiere v1.0.2 is more than just a tool for adjusting brightness and white balance. It's a workflow enhancer. By automating the keyframe setting process, it saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your project. This makes it an indispensable asset for anyone looking to streamline their editing process.

Quality Assurance with Every Shot​

With the Aescripts Light Equalizer, every frame of your video maintains a consistent quality. The automated adjustments ensure that your final product has a professional and polished look, irrespective of the lighting conditions during shooting. This consistency is key to producing high-quality videos that stand out.
[Image Placeholder: Comparison of video footage before and after using the Light Equalizer]

Easy Integration with Premiere​

Designed to integrate smoothly with Adobe Premiere, this extension is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Whether you are new to video editing or an experienced professional, you will find the interface intuitive and the results impressive.

Join the GFXInspire Community​

Becoming a part of the GFXInspire community means staying ahead in the dynamic world of video editing. We regularly update our resources, ensuring you have access to the latest tools and techniques in the industry. Join us at GFXInspire and elevate your video editing skills.
[Image Placeholder: GFXInspire community engagement and feedback]


The Aescripts Light Equalizer for Premiere v1.0.2 is a testament to the advancements in video editing technology. Available for free at GFXInspire, it's a must-have for any video editor looking to enhance their work with professional-grade lighting adjustments. Embrace the future of video editing with this innovative tool.
Remember, the password for the zip file is: GFXInspire.com
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